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3 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays After a Divorce

For some couples, the best option is to end their marriage, but that doesn’t make things simple afterward. Following a divorce, ex-spouses can face many side effects like depression and anxiety. This is is especially true when the first holiday season hits. However, there are ways to navigate the “holiday blues” and have a positive experience.

Accept That Things Will Be Different

When facing the first holiday season after a divorce, try to remember that change isn’t necessarily a “bad” thing. While people naturally enjoy things that are familiar to them, it can be healthy to experience something new. The key is to be open to change. Taking the time to recognize the positives that can come from something new, can end up helping you overcome the hardships of being newly divorced.

Create New Traditions

If this is your first holiday without your ex-spouse or your children, consider starting some of your own holiday traditions. The holidays are the time to think about good memories with our loved ones in the past, but this year you can create your own new memories.

Here are some ideas for new holiday traditions you can create this year:

  • Binge watch a new television;
  • Prepare dinner with friends, or make a special meal with your children;
  • Buy new holiday decorations for your home, or even make some with your kids;
  • Visit family members that you haven’t seen in a while;
  • Attend a holiday lighting ceremony; or
  • Volunteer at a local organization in need of help.

Enjoy Yourself

It’s okay to also be excited about having the holidays to yourself. Don’t feel bad about this. After a divorce, it’s okay to be relieved and excited rather than sad and alone. Having time for yourself is important, and now is the perfect chance to really explore what you want and what makes you happy. At the end of the day, it’s the little things that really count.

The holidays don’t have to be upsetting, but it might take a fresh perspective in order to really be able to enjoy them. Celebrate the season and be open to the abundance of opportunities in the new year - no matter who you are (or aren’t) celebrating with.

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