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Modifying a Parenting Plan Due to Changing Circumstances

The purpose of a parenting plan is to ensure the child’s best interests are protected during a separation or divorce. If you can demonstrate to the court that your current plan is no longer meeting your child’s needs, you may be able to have your parenting plan altered accordingly. You should consult with a skilled Bergen County child custody attorney before attempting to go before the court.

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What can I change my plan for?

Several causes may lead you to recognize a need to alter your parenting plan. It can strengthen your case to keep a record of major changes in your life, especially as they relate to your finances.

You may find a change in your parenting plan in the following situations:

  • Remarriage for you or the other parent
  • Change in jobs for your or the other parent
  • Unfit parenting status for you or the other parent
  • Relocation for you or the other parent
  • Maturation of children that requires more age-appropriate schedules
  • Negative effects on development in their children due to current plans
  • Changing schools or school schedules for your children

You may have the option, and it would be advisable to change your entire parenting plan as opposed to simply updating one area of it. Your first step will be to delineate a solution to whatever problems are being encountered with the current plan.

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