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Family Law Appeals Attorney in Bergen County

Appealing a New Jersey Family Court Judgement with Seasoned Lawyers

If you’re unhappy with the ruling issued in your family law case, you may be able to appeal the decision. However, please note that bringing a case before the Appellate Court must be done promptly. So long as the decision is considered final, a Notice of Appeal must be filed within 45 days of the Judgment. Do not wait to align yourself with a Bergen family law attorney as quickly as possible.

Why Appeal Your Family Law Case?

If you have reason to believe a mistake or error was made during trial, and this error adversely affected the outcome of your case, you may be able to appeal the decision. The sole purpose of these cases is to prove to an appellate judge that an error occurred and the lower court’s decision should be reversed as a result. Appeals are not new trials, nor will you be expected to argue your case in the same way all over again. They are meant to correct reversible errors.

Errors such as:

  • Judge’s decision went against the weight of the evidence
  • Incorrect ruling from a judge on a motion or objection
  • Prejudicial evidence or witness testimony
  • Inadmissible evidence allowed in court
  • Biased judge

Why Do You Need an Appellate Attorney?

Cases brought to appellate court are handled much differently than those presented before a trial court judge. Without an appellate lawyer on your side, you may find it much more difficult to effectively argue your case. This is your one chance to overturn an unfair result; don’t risk using a trial attorney who may be unfamiliar with appellate court procedures.

Unlike standard forms of litigation, appellate law is restricted to that which has already been presented at trial; or to that which has been presented to the trial court in a motion. The process involves having a higher court review the decision made by a lower court, and it requires special attention from the attorney regarding specific processes only used in appellate court.

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