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If you made the decision to get a divorce, you might feel some trepidation regarding the prospect of going through a nasty courtroom drama. However, you do not have to go through litigation to put an end to your marriage. With alternative methods, such as mediation, spouses can peacefully and effectively dissolve their marriage and move forward with their lives. At Sherwood, Johnson & Poles in Bergen County, our mediation team can assist you throughout this process and ensure you achieve a resolution as smoothly as possible.

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How to Prepare for Mediation

Mediation is a valuable tool that is growing in popularity due to its success. More couples are realizing that they can skip the courtroom and resolve their differences amicably. This helps to save both time and money.

To better help prepare you for your upcoming session, here are few suggestions:

  • Prepare a list of questions or concerns for the mediator, opposing party, and/or attorney.
  • Practice due diligence and inform yourself on state/county laws that are applicable to your presented arguments.
  • Expect the unexpected and be prepared to hear issues from the opposing party that you were not ready for. Try and view these as opportunities and not roadblocks.
  • Consult with your attorney before your session to discuss issues that are worth pursuing.
  • Create a proposal in advance so that your list of goals is put in a spotlight.

We can help you better prepare for divorce mediation. Call our office today to discuss your case!

Do You Need an Attorney for Divorce Mediation?

Both parties may retain the services of a lawyer, but the mediator is a neutral third party that cannot give legal advice. You can advise your attorney before or after your session, or even have them attend with you. This helps clear up any confusion about state laws.

In addition, each party member can bring people that are important in helping reach a settlement. They may or may not be directly involved with the conflict or issue but have input that is applicable and valuable.

The Benefits of Divorce Mediation

When spouses go through divorce litigation, the outcome of their case is essentially in the hands of a judge and you may or may not end up satisfied with the results. Through mediation, you and your spouse will have greater control over the outcome of your divorce settlement.

Here are some additional benefits clients receive when they opt for divorce mediation:

  • Divorce litigation is a time-consuming process, especially since you are at the mercy of the court’s schedule, which can cause a case to drag on much longer than it should. Divorce mediation allows couples to create their own schedule, which also makes it a more convenient option.
  • Since mediation requires less time, it incurs fewer legal fees, which makes it a much more cost-effective approach to ending a marriage.
  • If you and your spouse have children, divorce mediation will also help set the foundation for you as co-parents since it requires compromise and cooperation. Unlike divorce litigation, which has a more inherently hostile tone, couples who choose mediation can reduce conflict and that can go a long way for you and your children.
  • If privacy is a concern for you, divorce mediation allows spouses to keep the details of their divorce confidential. Everything will remain between you, your spouse, and your mediator.

If you have concerns about having to endure a difficult litigation process, consider mediation. Through this approach, you may be able to spare yourself and your children an unnecessarily lengthy and difficult battle in court.

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If you are choosing to end your marriage, but wish to stay out of court and minimize the emotional blow often associated with a tough and grueling litigation process, divorce mediation may be right for you. At Sherwood, Johnson & Poles in Bergen County, we can provide the advice and guidance you need to determine if this option is appropriate for your circumstances. Generally, most couples can benefit from the mediation process, unless there are special circumstances, such as domestic abuse or hidden assets. Our team will review the details of your situation, advise you on the best course of action, and help you pursue the results you deserve.

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