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Parenting Plans in Bergen County

Trusted Bergen County Child Custody Lawyer

When parents cannot agree on a custody arrangement, they must each submit a parenting plan to the court. Parenting plans propose the types of custody to be awarded, a schedule for parenting time and holidays, and other variables. When you need help protecting your right to your child, a Bergen County child custody attorney from our firm can keep you apprised of your rights and petition for them in court.

Sherwood, Johnson & Poles is a New Jersey divorce and family law firm with more than 25 years of combined legal experience, and we pair compassionate representation with effective advocacy on our client’s behalf. Our firm can help with divorce proceedings, mediation, and collaborative law, so look to our firm for any family law issue.

Essentials of a Parenting Plan

A New Jersey court will typically approve any parenting plan you and your spouse can agree on, so long as the best interests of the child are protected.

A parenting plan will contain the following information:

  • Where the child’s primary residence will be
  • Delegation of parental responsibilities and rights
  • Designation of legal and physical custody of the child
  • Parenting time schedule including holidays and vacation
  • Means of modifying the plan
  • Methods for dispute resolution
  • Any stipulations the parents desire to include

The more detailed and comprehensive plans can reduce the chances of disputes in the future. New Jersey considers both parents equal in terms of being the natural guardians of the child and courts will usually seek to maintain a child’s relationship with both their parents unless there is a history of domestic violence or child abuse.

Skilled Family Law Attorney in Bergen County

Our Bergen County child custody lawyers at Sherwood, Johnson & Poles can assist you in drafting or modifying a parenting plan which protects your parental rights and work to move the process along quickly so you have a plan in place and move forward with maintaining a relationship with your child.

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