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If you are a doctor or other medical professional considering divorce, you might be stressed about what the process entails, and the time commitment required. How long will the process take? How much time will you need to dedicate to the process? Can you make time for a divorce with your busy schedule? Additionally, if you own a private practice, you may be wondering what your spouse is entitled to.

At Sherwood, Johnson & Poles, we have decades of experience representing medical professionals with their divorce concerns. With the right approach, we can help you protect your interests and obtain a favorable outcome.

Divorce Considerations for Medical Professionals

There are certain issues that medical professionals may face in a divorce that differ from a typical divorce. These include but are not limited to the following:

Child custody for doctors who work long hours

As a doctor, your job may work against you when determining child custody. As your day-to-day tasks require you to work long or odd hours, the court may not look favorably on this. This may be an issue you will have to address during your divorce proceedings.

Ownership of a private medial practice

If you own a private medical practice that started when you were married, then a portion of this could be considered marital property. This means it will be subject to division during your divorce. To preserve your practice, you will need to develop a strategy with an experienced lawyer to ensure you can keep your practice – this is especially true in contentious divorce case.

Spousal support and child support for high-earning spouses

When determining spousal support and child support, the state of New Jersey considers the standard of marital living. If you and your spouse had a high-end lifestyle or you spent a significant amount of money on your children’s upbringing, this could impact how much spousal support and child support you may have to pay.

While your profession does not directly impact the divorce process itself, there are careful considerations you should be aware of if you are a doctor or other medical professional that could affect the outcome of your divorce.

Why Divorce May Be More Difficult for a Medical Professional

Divorce can be especially difficult for medical professionals as many have to deal with a high amount of stress daily. This is especially true of emergency room doctors and nurses who deal with death and chronic diseases. Additionally, due to a more demanding work schedule, it can be difficult for doctors and nurses to be able to put in the time they would like with their spouses and children. Here are some additional factors that may make divorce more difficult for a medical professional:

  • More expensive

This is especially true if you own a private practice and must pay out a large amount of child support and spousal support.

  • Stressful

With long work hours, time spent with lawyers to negotiate a settlement with your spouse can prove difficult. This is especially true if you are a surgeon or doctor on call. You may find you cannot get the time away from the hospital when you need it and then feel guilty about this.

  • Sense of isolation

If you are a specialist in your field, the chances are you have a very hectic work schedule. Going through a divorce will be hard on you because you may feel like you are losing your support system. Your schedule also may not allow you time to process the divorce, seek out a therapist, and/or find time to socialize with new friends.

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At Sherwood, Johnson & Poles, we understand the unique issues that doctors and other medical professionals face during a divorce. With over 25 years of combined experience, we can help you seek out the resolution that works best for you. Divorce can be especially stressful for a medical professional but obtaining professional legal counsel does not have to be. We would be proud to represent you in your divorce case and will work tirelessly to protect what you have worked so hard to achieve, whether that is a private practice or a 20-year career.

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