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How Will Losing My Job Affect Child Support?

When a parent that is paying child support loses their job, the thought of getting behind on child support can be terrifying. However, understanding New Jersey laws on child support can help you know how to proceed in these uncertain times.

Will I Have to Continue Paying Child Support if I Lost My Job?

When a parent loses their job, it's common to wonder whether you will still be held accountable for paying child support. Under New Jersey law, you will have to continue making payments unless the court tells you otherwise. However, it may be possible to modify your child support agreement if you are unemployed.

How to Modify Child Support

Courts will grant child support modifications in the event that there is a significant and unexpected change in circumstances. Generally, the following reasons would warrant a modification of support:

  • Significant increase or decrease in income
  • Change in federal income tax law
  • Loss of job
  • Promotion at work
  • A spouse remarries
  • A spouse loses their home
  • The supporting parent is suffering from a significant medical condition or injury

Therefore, if you have lost your job, you can submit a request to modify your child support agreement. However, if the reason you are unemployed is that you quit your job or you were fired for gross negligence or criminal behavior, the court will likely deny the request.

How Do I Modify Child Support?

If you would like to modify your child support agreement, contact a skilled Bergen County family law attorney. At Sherwood, Johnson & Poles, our team can assist you with filing a motion with the court to request a modification. We will also help you present supporting evidence to prove that the changes in your circumstances warrant a modification.

If you have questions about modifying your child support agreement, please don't hesitate to call our skilled legal team today at (888) 224-1218.