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Top 6 Reasons Couples Get Divorced

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Although marriage is supposed to last a lifetime, many couples still find themselves seeking a divorce. While no two marriages are identical, many face similar situations that can lead to their decision to end their marriage. Below we discuss six common reasons that people choose to get divorced.


When people say “I do,” they pledge to be with that person for richer or poorer. However, money is one of the top reasons that marriages fail. There are several ways that money problems can cause marital issues. For example, one spouse may rack up significant credit card debt that leads to overwhelming stress on the couple’s finances. If the debt is so out of hand that the couple is struggling to make ends meet, it can start to take a toll on their relationship.

Another financial issue that can lead to divorce is when there is an imbalance in each spouse’s earnings, like when one person earns more money than the other. In this situation, that spouse may use money as a means to control the other person. Ultimately this leads to feelings of doubt for the spouse making less income.

Lack of Intimacy

Couples have to be intimate on a regular basis in order to maintain a strong marriage. Intimacy has a tendency to become less frequent after the couple has been married for a while. It is important to note that intimacy is not just about physical intimacy, there are other forms like spending time together or having emotional talks.

One of the main problems when intimacy declines is that one person may begin to feel rejected. This can lead to a downward spiral in the relationship. When people feel unloved and rejected, they may begin to resent their partner or even fall out of love with them.


Extramarital affairs are fairly common. However, many couples decide to stay together despite the fact that there was an affair. Some couples are able to move past the infidelity and stay together, but for others, the pain is sometimes too much to bear. Many people will never be able to forget the time that they were cheated on.

The problem with cheating is that it makes it obvious that signifies a problem in communication. The foundation for a strong relationship is communication, and without it, there will likely be issues in other aspects of a couple’s relationship. These problems can lead to one or both spouses to go looking for that connection from someone else.


According to a study, 25% of marriages end due to domestic abuse. If there is a pattern of abuse in a marriage, then it is almost always better to walk away. Furthermore, if someone is abusing their children, then that is more than enough of a reason to walk away.

It is important to note that abuse isn't always physical. Emotional abuse and sexual abuse can be just as bad as physical abuse. However, leaving an abuser can be dangerous in itself; which means it is crucial to leave in a safe manner along with support from others.


A drug or alcohol addiction can put a tremendous strain on a marriage. It can also lead to money issues, communication problems, and abuse. Drugs and alcohol are not the only things that people can be addicted to. Gambling and pornography are other things that people can be addicted to.

Addictions can be addressed with the proper treatment, but, it is still a disease at its core. Addicts understand that what they are doing is not healthy, but the addiction is so strong that they can’t always get help. For some people, they are strong enough to offer support while an addict seeks help, but for others, it can be the final straw, especially if the other person acts violently due to their addiction.

Are You Considering Getting a Divorce?

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