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Understanding the Mission of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Domestic violence occurs when a person uses violence and manipulation to dominate and control their intimate partner. Statistically, over 10 million men and women are abused by their romantic partners each year. Regardless of contrary political or social discourse, domestic violence behaviors can include acts of physical, sexual, emotional, social, and financial abuse. When abusive partners are overwhelmed by personal insecurities, they may be compelled to commit these cruel acts just to control the thoughts, actions, relationships, and needs of their partner. Many variations of domestic violence and abuse can haunt the same relationship. Abusers are willing to hit, stalk, threaten, and coerce their “loved one” just to maintain control of the relationship’s dynamics.

Due to its unfortunate prevalence, domestic violence is nationally recognized as a public health issue. In 1981, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence held the first “Day of Unity” to spread awareness and connect advocates across the nation. In October 1987, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence expanded this week-long event by establishing the first unofficial Domestic Violence Awareness Month. To support the coalition’s goals, Congress passed Public Law 101-112 in 1989, officially declaring October to be Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

The purpose of Domestic Violence Awareness Month is to:

  1. Mourn the men and women lost to acts of domestic violence
  2. Celebrate the survivors and provide them with a safe space to share their stories
  3. Connect the advocates who work tirelessly to end acts of domestic violence

If you’re interested in supporting Domestic Violence Awareness Month, you can donate to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and check the New Jersey event calendar on the Domestic Violence Awareness Project website.

Seek the Help You Need

Domestic violence is a very serious matter. If you feel trapped in an abusive relationship, your very life may depend on seeking legal aid. At Sherwood, Johnson & Poles, our Bergen County family law attorneys can represent your best interests as you pursue a restraining order. We can also negotiate and litigate on your behalf in court should you wish to finalize a divorce. Our legal team can represent your case and guide you through each step of these legal processes. With our help, you can secure a protective court order and a beneficial divorce settlement that safeguards your future.

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