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If you are concerned about your divorce being costly and settled in a public or court setting, choosing a collaborative divorce may be an effective alternative for your case. Often called a "no court divorce," a collaborative divorce allows a couple to settle their divorce through regular meetings behind closed doors. For many, having the opportunity to settle a divorce without court involvement is ideal!

Interested in pursuing a collaborative divorce? We, the well-versed legal team of Bergen County collaborative divorce attorneys at Sherwood, Johnson & Poles can provide you with the reliable legal guidance you need, from start to finish. Your divorce doesn't have to be lengthy or overly complicated. Let us help guide your steps as you move on to a new chapter of your life. Do not hesitate to retain the immediate representation of our committed law firm.

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As a Bergen County divorce law firm, we have guided countless individuals through various kinds of divorces in Bergen County and Passaic County. We are confident in our abilities to help you as well. With the help of a compassionate, experienced, and skillful team, you can rest assured you are making effective decisions that can protect your family for years to come.

As members of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, we have the advanced training required to handle your collaborative divorce. We can meet with you regularly to discuss your needs and wishes before sitting down with your spouse and his or her attorney.

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Why You Should Consider Alternatives to Litigation

We understand that many of our clients wish to stay out of the courts as much as possible. When enduring a deeply emotional chapter of your life, why would you want to place additional strain on your family by dragging your laundry through a public courtroom?

Though some separating couples will have no choice but to go through the process of litigation, others can experience the freedom of working through a collaborative divorce. Collaborative divorce simply refers to the process of ending a marriage "collaboratively," or together, until a satisfactory resolution is reached. This allows the separating couple to discuss various elements of their separation with the help and guidance of legal professionals – without having the court get involved!

Benefits of a collaborative divorce include:

  • Increased flexibility in negotiating a settlement
  • Creates individualized solutions for you
  • Approaching divorce in a streamlined, cost-effective, and dignified manner
  • Promoting a voluntarily and transparent exchange of information throughout the process
  • Utilizing counselors and other professions as needed to avoid unnecessary conflict
  • Easier on the children as the families develop skills to assist them moving forward

How Can Sherwood, Johnson & Poles Help Me With Collaborative Divorce?

Our lawyers are committed to helping you navigate the collaborative divorce process:

Though collaborative divorce can help many separating couples, sometimes this non-contentious approach is not a viable option. As ethical attorneys who practice according to the highest standards of professionalism and discretion, we want to guide you in a way that can lead to the best possible outcome.

We treat every client individually and truly take the time to listen to their unique concerns or questions. Working with Sherwood, Johnson & Polesmeans that you will never be treated as just another file or case number. You can receive the compassionate, considerate, and caring legal counsel that can help enable you to make great decisions for your future.

For more information about collaborative divorce and whether it is appropriate to your situation, please do not hesitate to contact our firm as soon as possible. Our Bergen County collaborative divorce lawyers can carefully review the unique details of your case during a personalized case evaluation before you decide to move forward in this direction. Sherwood, Johnson & Poles is on your side.

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