Postpone Dating Until After Your Divorce is Finalized

Dating While Divorcing

The end of a marriage can be an overwhelming and lonely feeling. The partner you once hoped to share your life with will no longer be part of your future and, regardless if it was your choice to end the marriage, this loss will be difficult to cope with. To fill the void, you might consider reentering the dating scene to find someone new who can restore your hope in love. Unfortunately, if you begin dating during the divorce process, your divorce will hit some steep speed bumps.

Is It Bad to Date During a Divorce?

It probably seems silly to wait, especially since your marriage is technically over and you are simply waiting to hash out the details of your divorce agreement. There are actually several different reasons why you need to postpone your quest for a new partner.

Here are some of the reasons why it is a bad idea to date during the divorce process:

  • It will make it difficult to settle amicably: Nothing can rile up a spouse more than knowing that their soon-to-be-ex moved onto someone new before the divorce decree was even signed. It might even fuel suspicions of infidelity, which will make it exponentially more difficult to amicably settle. To avoid an ugly battle and to ensure you are able to achieve the best possible settlement, hold off on dating for the time being.
  • It can harm your ability to co-parent: Not only can having a hostile relationship with your ex-spouse impact your ability to reach an amicable agreement, but it will affect your co-parenting relationship. He or she might feel replaced by the new partner in your life, which can create a very toxic environment for your family.
  • It can take precious time away from your children: Your children need you now, more than ever, but if you are too busy spending your time dating or getting to know your new significant other, you cannot be available to help them through this difficult situation. They might even resent you for the time you are spending with someone new, especially since they are likely still unable to wrap their minds around the fact that their parents will no longer be a couple.
  • You will not be able to heal: Your kids are not the only ones who need time to heal and cope with this major life event. You also need some time for yourself to figure out what went wrong and how to move forward. Without a moment of introspection, you are bound to repeat the same mistakes in a new relationship. If you are really looking for a new, lasting romance, it is essential to spend some time on your own before you can start something new.

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