Talking To Your Children About Divorce

When a couple decides to divorce, one of the most difficult parts is having to tell their children that their parents will be permanently separated from now on. Finding out that their parents will no longer be living together can be devastating for a child to hear, which is why it’s important to be aware of your children’s physical and emotional needs during your divorce proceedings. In this blog, we offer you a few tips that can help you have an easier conversation about divorce with your children.

Plan What You Are Going to Say

No matter you how you feel about your ex now that you are divorcing, it is both of your responsibilities to tell your children the news of your separation. Talk with your ex about what you both will say and how you will answer the questions you anticipate your kids will ask. If you and your ex have difficulty communicating or cooperating with each other, have separate conversations with your children about the topic of divorce.

Don’t Lie to Your Children

Your children have likely observed some of the problems that led to your divorce, so be upfront when you explain why you will no longer be together. The more transparent you are about your divorce, the more it will show your children that you respect and value their intelligence. More importantly, being open and honest will help give your children the tools they need to overcome real-life conflicts. Your kids deserve to know why their home is changing, so be truthful with your reasoning.

Never Argue In Front of Your Children

The more you argue in front of your children, the harder it will be for them to get adjusted to their new living arrangements. Although avoiding arguments with your spouse is easier said than done, you should do your best to refuse to engage in any conflicts with your ex while your kids are present. Avoiding arguments can go a long way in helping your kids cope with the difficulties of divorce.

Don’t Use Your Children to Spy on Your Ex

Never bring your children into the middle of any disputes you are having with your ex. This includes asking them to gather information on your former spouse or to spy and report back on your ex’s behavior or personal life.

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