Should I Appeal My Unfair Divorce Settlement?

It’s very rare for two people to end their marriage with both parties walking away having everything they’ve ever wanted. However, in the instance a divorce settlement is so incredibly lopsided or unfair to you, you don’t have to be forced to live with the court’s decision for the rest of your life. Instead, our Bergen County divorce lawyers of Sherwood, Johnson & Poles, can help you file a motion to the courts in order to reopen and appeal your case.

In order to take it to the courts, the divorce must have occurred because you were under some form of pressure or coercion, resulting in you agreeing to something you don’t actually want or deserve. If your ex-spouse used any form of psychological pressure, threats of violence, or any kind of abuse to force you to sign and accept the divorce settlement, then our Bergen County divorce attorneys will do our part to prove the decision was made without your consent--and thus deserves to be reopened and appealed.

Another way to prove you have the grounds to request an appeal for your unfair divorce settlement, you can also show that your ex-spouse operated deceitfully, engaging in some form of fraud. If your ex-spouse concealed or lied about vital information regarding his or her assets, this can be used as justification for taking your divorce settlement to the appellate courts.

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If you are unhappy with the state of your divorce settlement, our legal team at Sherwood, Johnson & Poles, wants to advocate on your behalf. We don’t feel as though you should have to suffer the rest of your life with a decision that leaves you inherently unhappy. This is why our legal team will do everything in our power to ensure every option is exhausted in the pursuit of a divorce settlement you are comfortable with. Our Bergen County divorce attorneys won’t give up on you or your case.

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