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Living with Your Spouse During the Divorce Process

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Moving out of the marital home is often an unwise decision for both parties during a divorce for many reasons. In many cases, it is not financially feasible for a spouse to move out. If you have children, moving out of the marital home can also have some consequences on your custody arrangement, so you might both want to consider staying put for the time being and coordinating a routine that will maintain order and peace.

Sharing the Same Space with Your Spouse

Living with your spouse was probably easier during the good times in your marriage, but it can become a major challenge once you begin the divorce process. However, if you both decide that it is best to hold off on moving out until the divorce is finalized, there are some steps you can take to make this living situation bearable for all involved.

Here are some tips that can make living with your spouse during the divorce process a little easier:

  • Give each other space: Although you are sharing the same home, you must recognize that the dynamic between the two of you is now different. To give each other space, discuss designating certain areas of the home to you or your spouse. For example, use separate bathrooms and sleep in separate rooms. Whatever you can do to stay out of each other’s hair, make those arrangements and stick to it.
  • Establish parenting duties: Try to work out a schedule for when you have the kids and when your spouse has the kids. If you decide to have the kids every other day, you will also be responsible for caring for your children’s needs on that day. It might not be the arrangement you ultimately end up with, but it will ease the children into the idea of having separate households, and make the transition less hard for them.
  • Set a budget for yourself: Just because you are still living with your spouse does not mean you can maintain the same budget you had before you filed for divorce. You need to start learning how to live on a budget now so that it will be easier once you move out.
  • Look for a new place: Use some of the time you have now to look for a new place. You never know what the future holds, so even if you hope to win the house in your divorce, it might not work out that way. If you find a new place, you will have a solid back-up plan in case you cannot keep the house or decide that selling it is your best option.
  • Do not lose your temper: The biggest thing to remember while you are co-habiting with your soon-to-be former spouse is to never lose your temper, especially when children are involved. Getting involved in heated arguments can do you a major disservice, so try to keep your cool and walk away from any situations that could get ugly.

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