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Should I Tell My Boss About My Divorce?

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Divorce is a complicated process that tends to affect various areas of one’s life in many different ways, including emotionally, legally, and professionally. While you might think that talking to your boss about your impending divorce seems too personal and unprofessional, you would be wrong to forego informing him or her of this major change in your life. The fact is that this process will bleed into your life, so it is crucial that you share this major change in your life with your boss. However, there is a way to approach this personal matter in a professional manner that will not disrupt your work environment.

Below is a list of tips on how you should tell your boss about your divorce:

  • Avoid being overly confessional: The main reason why it is important to tell your boss about your divorce is to let them know if or when you will need to miss work to attend important court dates or meetings and if you will need help with your workload. Therefore, to keep this conversation professional, make sure you focus on how your divorce might potentially affect your work, so your boss knows what to expect. Explaining what went wrong in your marriage or delving into any other unnecessary personal details is not appropriate for this conversation, so steer clear of them.
  • Tell your boss anything he or she might need to know: You might not know all the pertinent information you need to know regarding your divorce, but try to provide as much necessary information as possible if you believe it can potentially affect your job. If you need extra time, attention, or just a little more understanding, be honest and let your boss know.
  • Do not use your divorce as an excuse: Yes, divorce is hard and, while a little compassion and understanding will be extended to you, you should not use your divorce as an excuse for why you are no longer able to effectively perform your job duties. Always remember that there will still be consequences for not performing your job and, no matter what you are going through, you still need to do your job or suffer those consequences.
  • Ask about any necessary paperwork: Divorce is an emotional experience and one that involves a lot of heavy paperwork, unfortunately, so make sure you ask your boss if you need to speak with the human resources department to check what information needs to be updated in order to address the change in your marital status. Generally, the information that needs to be updated includes your tax information and health care information, so be sure not to forget this important step.

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