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Understanding New Jersey Child Support Guidelines

If you are working to obtain a divorce in New Jersey and children are involved, you need to find a solution with your spouse to provide for the basic living expenses of your child. While it can be difficult to ascertain exactly how much in child support you will likely be ordered to pay, with our Bergen County child support attorney at our side we can help determine your child’s needs and how to handle them.

Child support is a common feature of divorce, and in our 60 years of combined legal experience, we have handled many such cases which means we understand how child support works in New Jersey and how to ensure you are not taken advantage of during proceedings.

Our firm was named a Top Bergen County New Jersey Divorce Law Firm because we work hard to protect the rights of our clients and do so consistently and professionally.

How is a child support payment determined?

Child support is designed to protect them from economic hardship after a divorce. At Sherwood & Johnson, LLC we can help provide you with an accurate valuation of your financial situation and child support duties.

Guidelines for determining support and creating a support order include:

  • Assessing the income and expenses of each parent
  • Amount of time the child spends with each parent is planned vis-à-vis child support
  • Child related expenses are listed and agreed upon such as food, shelter, education, daycare, etc.
  • Each parent’s portion to be paid is determined by the first three steps
  • Final support order is file with the court and signed by the judge

If you have fallen behind in your child support payments, our Bergen County child support attorney can address any outstanding child support warrants and find a solution to your current predicament. You need to resolve backed payments quickly as they can result in jail time.

Protect Your Rights in Court With Our NJ Family Law Attorneys

Our legal team can defend your right to be treated fairly in court while determining support payments so you only pay what is fair. On the other hand, if your spouse has been delinquent in paying the support they owe you, we can take legal action against them to recover what you are owed.

In addition, if you need support to be modified based on your financial situation, our Bergen County family law attorney will advise you and try to renegotiate your payments.

Facing a divorce? Let our Bergen County family law firm protect your interests in assigning your child support payments by calling us today!