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Why You Should Reduce Social Media Activity During a Divorce

Given how ubiquitous social media use is, it seems like a perfectly innocuous pastime activity. However, your online presence, no matter how minute, can have a profound impact on the outcome of your divorce case. Even with stronger privacy settings, you never know if your online friends are truly your friends. Some of them might feel a sense of loyalty toward your spouse and plan on relaying your posts to him or her. To avoid any of these unnecessary snags, it is best to take a temporary hiatus until your divorce is finalized.

Understanding the Risks of Continued Social Media Use

Whenever something terrible happens, many of us tend to write about it online, leading to over-sharing and over-posting.  Although it might feel good to unload your frustrations into the social media void, doing so can have some serious ramifications. For example, if you have children, badmouthing your spouse in a scathing Facebook post will not do you any favors when it comes to child custody and visitation. Moreover, frequent emotional online outbursts will make you appear unstable.

In addition to pausing your own social media activity, you should also be concerned about your friends’ posts as well. If you purchased an expensive gift for your new partner, he or she might post about it online, and it might somehow get back to your spouse. If you are fighting to keep your spousal support payments low, posts that reveal your spending habits could set you back. To avoid facing repercussions for someone else’s posts, ask those closest to you to respect your privacy and not post anything that might be directly or indirectly related to you.

Although your best option is to simply halt social media usage until your divorce is finalized, this might not be possible for some.

Here are some tips to consider if you choose to continue to use social media:

  • Tell your friends and family not to post about your divorce
  • Never discuss the details of your case online
  • Do not use the check-in feature or share your location
  • Do not repost memes about marriage
  • Do not post pictures of you out with friends or at a party
  • Do not post about any vacations you took or plan on taking
  • Do not post pictures or videos of your children engaging in activities your spouse would not approve of

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