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How Social Media Can Negatively Affect Your Divorce Proceedings

With the advent of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, many people have become accustomed to a whole new way of communicating with their friends, family, and loved ones. However, did you know that social media can adversely affect your divorce proceedings in a number of ways? Because we are so used to sharing much of our lives on the Internet, we may not realize just how these status updates and photos can come back to haunt us later.

During divorce proceedings, if you are one of the many couples who cannot keep an amicable relationship, you are likely fighting for your rights to your children, property, and assets. When things are sincerely contentious between you and your ex-spouse, it makes sense you would perhaps turn to venting all of your frustrations on whichever social media platform you are most comfortable with. However, this brief moment can deter your divorce proceedings from their smooth course and result in consequences you won’t want to deal with down the line.

If you post on social media about your divorce, it is very likely the judge will catch wind of this information. Posting negative, harassing, or defamatory comments about your ex-spouse will inevitably only make you look bad in the eyes of the court, and may even prove to show you as an unfit parent. Also, you must remember divorce is essentially about finances. If you are requesting alimony, or denying being able to pay child support, yet you display living a lavish lifestyle, the judge will not be impressed by these displays.

All of these factors and more can be used against you, which is why it is essential you are advised by a Bergen County divorce lawyer such as ours at Sherwood & Johnson, LLC.

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